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Minors A

Minors A welcomes 6 & 7-year-old boys and girls (Little League Age) generally as a progression from the Rookies Academy/Tee-Ball. It is where young players continue to learn, develop and practice fundamental skills at an early age.

In Minors A ball, the players continue to have the opportunity to develop hand-eye coordination and swing techniques while gaining confidence in seeing a pitched ball.  In addition, the defensive team is allowed more opportunities to develop fundamental fielding skills.  Team rosters are usually limited to a maximum of 13 players.

The games (usually about 3 innings in total) during the season are played with a coach throwing “soft toss” about 15 feet from the batters (a softer baseball is also used). A BattingTee will also be available & will be used after 5 pitches to keep the game active and give developing hitters confidence in making good contact at bat. During the second half/ending of the season a pitching machine “may” be introduced based on a team’s skill level.Teams generally practice once each week & play one game during the week and one on Saturday.

Offensively, half of the team will bat in the first inning, half in the second and the lineup will bat in full in the last of the innings (depending on time). Lineups will continue to bat regardless of the number of outs made, even though defensive outs will be encouraged and celebrated!!! The last batter in each inning will circle the bases.
Defensively, six players will play (on a rotating basis) in the infield with players positioned at the Pitcher’s mound, Catcher (optional) 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & SS. The remaining players (depending on team numbers) will cover 3-4 Outfield positions or work on baseball skills (throwing, catching, running, etc) with coach supervision in the additional outfield space. As mentioned, positions will be rotated so players have the opportunity to play all positions. 

Each game will conclude with the ever so famous “Run the Bases Relay” which oftentimes is more momentous than the game itself!

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