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Since 1952 when Penfield Little League was officially chartered by Little League International, the singular mission and drive behind the organization has been to provide a premier youth sports experience for the children of Penfield and surrounding areas.
As Penfield Little League celebrates its 72nd Anniversary in 2024, that mission remains the same.
It is our privilege as Penfield Little League to provide the youth of our chartered area the opportunity to participate in organized baseball and softball competition.
Additional activities such as clinics and summer camps provide a baseline from which players can develop their skills and enjoy a game that is still called the national pastime.
Sports in general, baseball in particular provide life experiences that help to build the character and integrity in the youth of our baseball community.
Penfield Little League is committed to providing a safe and fun experience within the confines of an ever expanding baseball/softball complex, with our partner the Town of Penfield



Penfield Little League Official Charter

Penfield Little League has been a chartered member of Little League International since June 1952.
We are about to start our 65th year of operation as Penfield Little League serving our community and surrounding communities with a premier youth sports organization.
As a formally chartered member of Little League, PLL pays charter, accident and liability insurance fees annually to Little League International.
We are required to operate under their rules and regulations. 

Penfield Little League Territory

The Penfield Little League chartered area includes;  Town of Penfield, Town of Walworth, Town of Macedon (with the exception of that area of Macedon that incorporates the Victor School District)
The portions of the Towns of Ontario and Williamson that lie south of Route 104.
The portion of the Town of Brighton known as the Indian Landing area over to East Ave is also part of our chartered area.
This means if you have a legal address or attend a school within these boundaries you are eligible to register with Penfield Little League.

League Operation

Penfield Little League is operated by a Board of Directors made up of twenty seven local volunteers that are not remunerated for their services to the organization.
There are many units and committees that see to the following; registration, team formation, game scheduling, fund raising, equipment purchase, field maintenance and many other tasks necessary to operate a Little League Program.
The Board of Directors is elected at the general meeting of Penfield Little League held in September of each fiscal year.
They serve for one year and then may stand for re-election.

Penfield Little League is under contract with the Town of Penfield, which allows us to maintain and use thirteen baseball fields within the confines of Veterans Memorial Park located at 3100 Atlantic Ave, Penfield, NY, 14526.
All games, with the exception of those divisions that play games against other area Little League programs are played on the fields within the Penfield Little League Complex.
During the week games are scheduled to start at 6:00 PM for the first two weeks of the regular season, and then moves to 6:15 PM for the remainder of the season.
Games on Saturday start at 9:00 AM and are scheduled every 2 and ½ hours as needed.
There is one large lighted field that allows us to play two scheduled games per night at 5:30 and 8:00 PM for the Junior and Senior levels of play.

Playing in PLL

Players will normally play at least two games per week, one during the week Monday through Thursday and one on the weekend,  either Friday or Saturday.  For the most part Sunday games are not scheduled, as this is day used to make up games cancelled during the prior week because of weather.
PLL appointed managers are encouraged to practice three or more times per week prior to the season and at least once during the regular season.

Opening Day is either the last weekend in April or the first weekend in May.
The day consists of a parade within the park, Opening Day Ceremonies and a full slate of games.
The regular season ends normally on the third weekend in June.
Starting in 2012 we will take a break from the ending weekend through July 4th and then continue with additionally scheduled games at all levels of play.
A number of Tournament teams are selected each year to compete in Local and District Tournaments.
These games are scheduled and played throughout the month of July through the first week in August.

Levels of Play

Penfield Little League offers many levels of play and competition in our baseball and softball programs.
All leagues regardless of talent level are determined by League Ages that we are obligated to follow in our charter agreement with Little League International.
League Age for baseball is determined by a player’s actual age on or before April 30th of any given year, for those players born on or prior to 12/31/2005.
Players born on January 1, or after in 2006 are governed by the cutoff date of 8/31st of any given year.
The Girls Softball cutoff date is 12/31or any given year.
The League age is the players Actual age on or before 12/31.

The following is a listing of our baseball and girls softball levels of play and the League Ages that participate within these levels:

  • Challenger Division:  League Age 5 through League 22 for those physically and mentally challenged players, which want to enjoy the opportunity of playing baseball.

The following levels of play are played on fields of reduced size that enable beginning players the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to play baseball:

  • Rookies: League Age 4 & 5

  • Minors A: League Age 6 & 7

  • Minors AA: League Age 8 & 9

The following levels of play are played on fields with either 60 foot base paths or 90 foot base paths pending league and age:

  • Minors AAA:  League Age 10,11 &12 46/60Ft

  • Majors 9/10:  League Age 9 & 10 (Requires Tryout) 46/60ft

  • International 11/12:  League Age 11 & 12 46/60ft

  • Majors 11/12:  League Age 11 & 12 (Requires Tryout) 46/60ft

  • Intermediate:  League Age 13 (Requires Tryout) 50/70ft

  • Junior:  League Age 14 (Requires Tryout) 60/90ft

  • Senior League:  League Age 14, 15 & 16 60/90ft

Girls Softball

The League Age is different for the girls program and is determined by player’s actual age on or before 12/31 of any given year.

  • Rookies: League Age 7/8

  • Minors: League Age 9/10

  • Majors: League Age 10,11 & 12

  • Junior/Senior:  League Age 13,14,15 & 16


For the leagues that require tryouts, players are assessed by managers within each league and then drafted.  Players not chosen in the draft will automatically assigned to teams  in a sub-division of the league.  All players will play and no child is cut and unable to be on a team.

Local Sponsors

Penfield Little League

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